At Pacific Rim Gold and Silver, LLC We are staunchly committed to taking a pro-active approach to assist our customers in expanding their base of knowledge to help maximize their success.

Our primary goal is to provide you with information and knowledge which will enhance your understanding of the causes and forces that have created the economic and monetary challenges currently facing America’s middle-class. To help you attain your goals, we recommend numerous video’s, websites, commentary, books and several other resources. (See links below)


We have extensive experience in the precious metals and investment industry. Based on our experience, we highly recommend that you view Mike Maloney’s five Part Video Series. “ The Hidden Secrets of Money.” Mike has done an excellent job in helping his viewers gain a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding regarding the relationship and differences between real money (precious metals) and paper money (fiat currency) and exposing problems with today’s monetary system.

We encourage that you view Mike Maloney’s website and videos. Note: we have NO financial connection in any way with Mike Maloney or his video tape series. Our only interest is to pass along vital information that will help everyone - both buyer and seller alike. Knowledge is Power!

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To begin your journey, we recommend that you proceed to the video section and begin by viewing Mike Maloney’s excellent video series entitled, “The Hidden Secrets of Money”.